Glass replacement 

Over time your windows and other panels of glass can begin to look worse for wear. It could be that the seals have deteriorated, causing ugly misting that may completely obscure their transparency. In other cases it might be chips, cracks, stains and other factors spoiling the aesthetic of the window. 
Whatever the case, we can replace anything from a single panel upwards, ensuring the highest quality of glazing that you can rely on for many years to come. 

  Double glazing 

Looking to upgrade your property with exceptional double glazing? Look no further than Total Home Developments. We’re ready to help you choose double glazing that suits your needs and reflects your style. 
New double glazing comes with a variety of benefits: 
Better insulation prevents heat loss 
Noise reduction, which makes for a more peaceful living environment 
Greater security thanks to tougher glass and frames 
Lower energy bills due to greater thermal efficiency throughout the property 
A reduced carbon footprint, as less energy is required to keep your home warm and comfortable 

There are benefits for your property too:   

Minimal condensation compared to single glazing, which benefits internal surfaces and general health by preventing mould, mildew and damp. 
Increased property value, as double glazing is a highly appealing factor for potential home buyers 
UV protection means that less ultraviolet radiation enters your home, which can help to protect furniture, flooring and possessions against fading 
The beautiful composition of new double glazing is something that you can enjoy on a daily basis, plus it significantly enhances the external appearance of your home 

Upgrade your home security 

Double glazing will play a central role in keeping your home secure against intruders. Single glazed windows are very easy to break, especially when they’re situated on the ground floor. What’s more, if you have double glazing but it’s been in place for many years, chances are that a modern replacement will increase the security of your property. 
The same goes for old window frames, especially those made from wood. These outdated glazing systems make it easy for a burglar to splinter the frame or even remove the pane of glass without breaking it. 
By choosing double glazing with uPVC frames from Total Home Developments, you’re safeguarding your home against criminal activity and also strengthening the glass against everything from stray footballs to clumsy window cleaners. 

  Glass balustrades and conservatories 

We’re also here when you need glass balustrades and conservatory panels replacing, making Total Home Developments your one-stop shop for all things glazing. 

Working with leading brands 

Pilkington manufactures outstanding glass that we use for all of our window replacement and double glazing projects. This is combined with premium window frames made by Kömmerling, which are available in a wide range of styles. Using these two trustworthy brands ensures that our customers always receive the very best glazing solutions at an affordable price. 

We offer finance options  

Working to a budget or simply want to spread the cost? Ask us about our flexible finance options. 
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