uPVC Doors 

Ever wondered why a uPVC door could be the best choice for your home or latest project? 
This robust material is not only affordable but also incredibly durable. Think low maintenance, high security, and excellent thermal efficiency. That's a trio of benefits hard to ignore! 
With a uPVC door from Total Home Developments, you're investing in quality and peace of mind. So why not consider it for your next upgrade or build? 
Let's make smart, sustainable choices for our living spaces together. That's our commitment to you, here at Total Home Developments. 

  uPVC Door panel brochure 

Thinking about revamping your entryway? Try exploring the vast world of uPVC doors. 
There's a rainbow of colours waiting for your selection. 
With hundreds of glass styles to complement your choice, every door is a unique reflection of your taste. 
Our panel brochure is brimming with design inspirations to suit every style, every taste. 
Whether you're sprucing up your space or embarking on a complete overhaul, the perfect door is just a flip away. Let your front door make a statement! You deserve a warm welcome every time you step into your space. Let's make it happen. 

The benefits of new doors   

New doors don’t just look fantastic, they also come with a bunch of valuable benefits: 
• Thermal efficiency helps you to keep your home at a comfortable temperature more easily, which could even result in reduced utility bills 
• Less heat escaping the property helps you to run a greener, more eco-friendly home 
• Draughts and cold spots are eliminated thanks to thick materials and strong seals 
• Robust, insulated frames reduce noise from passing traffic, noisy neighbours, lawnmowers and barking dogs 
• The wide range of designs allows you to choose doors that offer either visibility into your front garden or absolute privacy 
• New doors can significantly increase the value of your property, especially when they’re replacing tired old versions 

Consider an Ultion upgrade with you new uPVC door 

Thinking of enhancing your security? Why not consider an upgrade to an Ultion 3 Star lock for your new uPVC door? 
A robust, high-performance lock, it offers unbeatable protection against potential break-ins. Its impressive features will keep you safe and secure. 
The 3 Star rating means it's recognized for its excellent performance and reliability. This is one upgrade that you won't regret! 
Give yourself the gift of peace of mind by making a small change that will make a big difference. Your safety is paramount! 

  French Doors 

Ever dreamed of a classic, elegant touch to your home? Consider French doors by Total Home Developments! 
These doors not only add a timeless charm to your space but also provide seamless indoor-outdoor transitions. They're perfect for opening up a room, letting in natural light, and offering great views. 
Imagine an afternoon basking in the sun, a soft breeze flowing through a wide-open French door. 
Dreaming of French doors in place of your old window? 
Total Home Developments has you covered! We excel in transforming spaces with elegant French door cut outs. 
No worries, no hassles. Just pure craftsmanship! 
Built to last, designed to impress! Add a touch of sophistication to your next project with our French doors. 

Juliet Balconies 

Ever dreamed of transforming your space into a visual masterpiece? 
Juliet balconies are your answer! These architectural gems not only add a touch of elegance to your exterior, but they also increase the aesthetic appeal of your property. 
Imagine, a fresh morning with a cup of coffee, overlooking the view from your very own Juliet balcony. It's not just a balcony, it's a lifestyle upgrade. 
Turn that dream into reality. Elevate your property today with the beauty and sophistication of Juliet balconies. 

  Working with leading brands 

At Total Home Developments, we are committed to giving you the best. 
We exclusively partner with leading brands in the industry to ensure your safety and satisfaction. 
Our top-of-the-line locks and door furniture aren't just functional, they add a touch of elegance too. Choose Total Home Developments for quality you can trust and designs you'll love. 
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