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Total Home Developments are proud to offer the Ultion 3 Star Plus lock and other Ultion security products to our customers, as they're an excellent choice when you want to achieve maximum security for your home or business. The Ultion door lock is reliable, durable and built to withstand multiple forms of attack, with its anti-snap locking cylinder delivering unparalleled protection against lock snapping, a common method used by burglars to gain entry to homes. 
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  Why upgrade to the Ultion lock? 

The Ultion 3 Star Plus anti-snap locking cylinder provides homeowners, landlords and businesses with total reassurance. This powerful and innovative lock is approved by locksmiths thanks to its high-quality materials and robust construction, making it highly resistant to lockpicking and even drills. It truly is an effective and affordable way to increase home security and protect your doors against criminals and opportunists. 

Lockdown Mode for maximum security   

One of the core features of the Ultion 3 Star Plus is its Lockdown Mode, which activates when someone tries to force their way into the property. If the lock detects tampering, it instantly activates an additional locking mechanism that prevents the intruder from gaining entry, even if they manage to bypass the initial lock. 

Key control for peace of mind 

Another fantastic feature of Ultion locks is that they come with a unique key control system that ensures only authorised keyholders can get copies of the key. This is achieved through each key using a code that can only be accessed by authorised locksmiths and only you can give permission for extra keys to be cut. 
Ultimate security from Ultion 
Here’s how the Ultion 3 Star Plus works and why homeowners across the UK are choosing it for their properties: 
The criminal’s nemesis: The lock’s powerful anti-snap locking cylinder is designed to withstand lock snapping attacks. It features a sacrificial section that will break away in the event of an attempted criminal entry, leaving the central locking mechanism intact and secure. 
Protected against advanced attacks: A reinforced core and anti-drill pins mean that the cylinder is also equipped to resist other forms of attack, including drilling, picking and bumping. 
High security rating: Choosing the Ultion 3 Star Plus is a strong investment in home security. In fact, the incredible levels of reliability it provides have led to it being rated as one of the very best locks available on the market, with a 3-star rating from the British Standards Institute. 

  Other Ultion Products 

We also stock and install the Ultion 3 Star cylinder, the Ultion 1 Star cylinder, and the Ultion 2 Star and Ultion 2 Star Plus door handles. These security products are available at a lower price than the Ultion 3 Star Plus but still offer exceptional protection for your home. If you’d like an expert recommendation on which type of lock or handle to choose for your property, get in touch with our team using the contact form below. 

  How to measure your Ultion cylinder 

Use millimetres (mm) for all measurements. Measurements taken from the middle of the existing lock. For example: measurement 1 = 35mm / measurement 2 = 35mm 

  See Ultion Locks In Action 

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