We help homeowners to upgrade their properties through the highest quality of double glazing for a very affordable price. There are so many benefits that come with having new double glazing installed throughout your home, which we’ve listed below. 

Better insulation 

If you have any old single glazed windows in your home or even some double glazing that has seen better days, it won’t be keeping warm air in and cold air out. New double glazing from Total Home Developments is designed to minimise heat transfer, so it locks in warmth and stops draughts from spoiling the comfort of your living environments. 
It’s not just for winter and cold nights though, as double glazing also helps to keep your home cooler when the sun is beating down. This means a much more enjoyable ambient temperature all year round. 

Greater security 

Protecting your family, pets and possessions is a major priority, which is why you’ll be pleased to hear that new double glazing is very secure. We use Pilkington for all of our double glazing jobs, as it’s very strong glass that deters criminal activity. 
This is combined with robust window frames made by Kömmerling, which are available in a wide range of styles. The result is a window system that’s hard to smash or break into, greatly increasing the security of your home. 

Energy efficiency 

Due to our double glazing keeping your house cool in summer and warm in winter, you’re very likely to use less energy throughout the year. First of all, you won’t need to have the central heating on as much, which means less gas being used and also reduced pressure on your boiler. As for summertime, you won’t need to use cooling devices such as fans anywhere near as much. 

A greener home 

Lower energy usage doesn’t just have a positive effect on your monthly utility bills, as it also benefits your home’s energy rating and your family’s carbon footprint. If you’re looking to run a greener home, you definitely need new double glazing. 

Noise reduction 

Any noise that usually infiltrates your house from outside will most likely be dampened by new double glazing. From noisy neighbours and passing traffic, to lawnmowers, barking dogs and nearby school playgrounds, our glazing systems help to keep homes quieter and more peaceful. 

Less condensation 

Water droplets form on the internal surface of windows when the glass is cooler than the air inside the home. This moisture can lead to mould and mildew, which are bad for our health and wellbeing, as well as causing gradual damage to the area surrounding the window. New double glazing is fantastic at minimising condensation, resulting in a healthier and happier home. 

Reduce UV rays 

The ultraviolet radiation in sunlight slowly bleaches and damages many household items, including furniture, carpets, décor, books and photos. New double glazing is far better at blocking UV rays than older glass, making it a sound investment. 

Easy to clean 

Modern double glazing manufacturers have integrated clever features into their glass to make cleaning easier than ever. Simply use a soft cloth and some window cleaning fluid for a streak-free view of your garden and surrounding areas. 

Stylish appearance 

Put simply, new double glazing looks absolutely amazing. With a wide range of window frame styles to choose from, you can achieve the perfect aesthetic for your home and make it the envy of your neighbours. 

Increased property value 

Thanks to all of the benefits above, new double glazing is very attractive to potential buyers. Whether you’re planning on selling soon or you simply want to increase the value of your property, new windows are a very savvy move. 

We’re here to help 

If you’d like to find out more about our double glazing service, get in touch today for a friendly chat and free advice. 
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