The energy price cap is set to increase by a massive 54% from 1st April 2022, which will make a big difference to monthly energy bills. As gas and electricity prices continue to rise, it’s crucial that homeowners, landlords and businesses do everything they can to make their properties more energy efficient. 

How much are prices going up by? 

On average, people on default tariffs paying by direct debit will see an increase in energy bills of £693 a year, whereas prepayment customers will see an increase of £708 a year. However, the amount your bills goes up by also depends on how much energy you use, which is why thermal efficiency throughout your home is so important. 

How do new doors and windows help? 

Did you know that homes can lose between 10% and 20% of their heat through windows and external doors? This figure can be much higher if your doors and windows are old or if the seals have failed. An easy way to spot this is if there’s a draught or the window pane has misted up, which means that it’s no longer providing any insulation. 
New doors and windows are designed with optimum thermal performance at their core, resulting in significantly less heat escaping your home. As an added bonus, new glazing can also reduce the amount of external noise that enters your living environments as well as prevent condensation, which in turn supports better air quality. 

Ask us about finance 

Whilst we’re committed to keeping our prices low, we understand that you may not have enough saved up at the moment to pay for new double glazing and doors. If this is the case, ask us for advice about finance options, as this could enable you to get new doors and windows today and pay for them over an agreed period. 

Help with paying energy bills 

Households will soon receive up to £350 of government support, which takes the form of a £150 council tax rebate in April (for homes in council tax bands A to D) and a £200 rebate loan in October (an automatic £200 discount on your energy bills). However, from April 2023 a £40 per year levy will be added to your energy bills for five years to repay the rebate loan. 
There’s also the Warm Home Discount, which helps vulnerable people to pay for their energy bills. This is a £140 rebate applied to your electricity between October and March, which is offered to people in receipt of pension credit or who are on certain benefits. 

We keep homes energy efficient 

Our expert glazers visit residential and commercial properties across Hull, Beverley, East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire to install outstanding new doors and windows. For more info and advice, get in touch through our contact form and a member of our friendly team will come back to you right away. 
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