Many of our customers ask us when they should replace their windows. The general rule of thumb is that you should start thinking about replacing your windows after about fifteen years. However, it could be sooner or longer than this depending on how well you’ve maintained them and a variety of external factors. If you’re still not sure, the key is to look out for certain signs, which we’ve listed below. 

You have single glazing 

This is a very simple point but it makes all the difference. Single glazing is still found in many homes, whether it’s every single window or just in certain rooms. For instance, many houses have double glazing in the living environments and bedrooms but still have a window in the kitchen and/or bathroom that’s single glazed. 
Double glazing is superior in so many ways, as it brings improved energy efficiency, thermal retention, security, appearance, noise reduction and air quality. 

Your bills have gone up 

Unfortunately, everyone’s bills are currently going up due to the energy crisis and multiple increases to the price cap. However, if you’ve found that your energy bills have been going up for a while now, it might be that your windows aren’t keeping in the heat as well as they used to. 
This could be down to poorly fitted glazing, rotting frames or deteriorating seals. When this happens, heat can escape your home and it could even develop to the point where you can feel draughts. Whatever the case, ever-increasing energy bills is a sign that your windows aren’t doing their job properly during cold days and chilly nights. 

You can see damage to the windows 

This is the most obvious point but it’s worth mentioning, as many people ignore signs of damage to their windows. It could be unstable frames or a crack in the glass itself, which will not only decrease the energy efficiency of your windows but could also attract criminals because they make your home an easy target. 
Then there’s the locks, handles and windowsills, which could be showing signs of age or accidental damage. These problems will only get worse over time, so make sure to get in touch with Total Home Developments and ask for a tailored quotation for new windows or glass replacement. 

Your windows look ugly 

Even if your windows are still doing their job and keeping heat within the home, they may simply be old, dirty or just plain ugly. Whether it’s window frames that don’t reflect your personal taste or misted glass that looks unpleasant and spoils the appearance of your property, we’re here to fix it quickly, smoothly and for a competitive price. 

Ask us about new windows 

From a single window that needs replacing to new glazing throughout your home and conservatory, get in touch today for expert advice and a free quotation. 
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