The team here at Total Home Developments visits properties in Hull and Beverley as well as across East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire to fit the highest standard of modern double glazing, uPVC doors and composite doors. Whilst many of our customers are homeowners, we also work with plenty of domestic and commercial landlords who want to upgrade their property portfolios. 
Whether you own a single rental property or a wide portfolio of houses, apartments and retail units, we’re here to help you transform their look and feel quickly and affordably. 

Make your property stand out 

When people search for a new place to rent, the first thing that catches their eye is the external appearance of the property. Unfortunately, old doors and especially out of date windows can make a home look shoddy and unwelcoming even if the interior is tastefully decorated. 
So, by investing in new doors and windows for your rental properties, you’re making it much more likely that a high calibre of potential tenants will book a viewing. 

Achieve energy efficiency 

Doors and windows have a large influence on a home’s levels of energy efficiency. A surprisingly large amount of heat is lost through old doors and windows with poor thermal retention, which could be as a result of them ageing over many years or simply poor workmanship in the first place. Meanwhile, our doors and double glazing are of an exceptional standard and help to keep homes cool in summer and warm in winter. 
Aside from making your rental properties more comfortable and therefore more likely to be rented out, thermal efficiency can also mean reduced heating bills. Whether your tenants pay for utilities themselves or you take care of the bills as part of the rental agreement, lower energy usage can only be a good thing, especially when you take into account rising gas prices. 

Encourage tenants to respect your property 

When a rental property is kept in good condition by its landlord, there’s an increased likelihood of its tenants following suit. For instance, a house with old and crusty windows hardly inspires cleanliness and tidiness, as no matter how hard the tenant tries, the property will never look very attractive. 
However, when the doors and windows of a leased property are clean, clear and eye-catching, the tenant is subconsciously motivated to look after the place as much as they can. 

Increase your property’s security 

The last thing you need is for your rental property to grab the attention of opportunistic thieves, so you need to do everything possible to deter criminal activity. New doors and windows are integral to home security, as they’re designed to be strong, resilient and difficult to break into. This brings a strong return on investment to the landlord from the moment they’re installed. 
Many landlords find that upgrading their properties with new windows and doors (especially robust composite doors) makes them far less of a target, as criminals realise that forced entry will prove a much louder, lengthier and more difficult undertaking. 

Ask us about new doors and windows 

We visit homes across Hull, Beverley, East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire to install outstanding new doors and windows. For more info, get in touch through our contact form and a member of our friendly team will get back to you right away. 
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