Home working became a common practice during the coronavirus pandemic, with people across multiple sectors carrying out their daily duties from their own houses and apartments. Now that things are returning to normal, hybrid working is proving extremely popular, with many businesses allowing employees to split their time between commercial premises and home offices. 
We’ve also seen organisations advertise vacancies that can be filled by people who wish to work from home entirely, as this enables companies to widen their talent pool and recruit experts who are based in different cities or even overseas. 
If you work from home to any extent, you need to ensure that your work environment is set up for comfort, productivity and efficiency. Warmth, noise and air quality have a major influence over this, so we’ve put together a few reasons why investing in new windows is a savvy move for anyone who works from home. 

Stay cool in summer and warm in winter 

It can be very difficult to keep a home at the right temperature when its windows have seen better days. Old glazing isn’t very effective at keeping out UV radiation, leading to rooms becoming too hot and dry when the sun is blazing. As soon as the outside air becomes chilly, old windows rarely do a good job of keeping out the cold either, especially if they’ve developed faulty seals. 
If you’ve noticed that your home office greatly fluctuates in temperature, Total Home Developments can install new windows fitted with the finest glazing. This will enable you to work in comfort no matter what the weather throws at you. 

Improved air quality 

Old window seals that have developed gaps can result in moisture entering your home office and wider property. This leads to condensation, which in turn can cause surrounding areas to become damp. Too much moisture also encourages mould and mildew to form and spread, which aside from being unsightly are also bad for your health, especially if you have a respiratory problem such as asthma. 
By having new windows installed, you’re preventing water droplets from forming on the inside of the glass and ensuring top levels of wellbeing in your home office. 

Reduced noise levels 

Take a moment to think about the noises you regularly hear coming from outside. It could be anything from passing traffic and barking dogs to loud voices, lawnmowers, roadworks or a nearby school playground. Unwanted noises can severely affect your concentration and workflow, so you need new double glazing that’s guaranteed to keep it out of your home office as much as possible. 

Energy efficiency 

Working from home is great but unfortunately requires more electricity. Even if you always remember to fully shut down your computer at the end of the day (a great way to save power), you’ll be using hot water, heating, lighting and a variety of household appliances more often than if you were based in your employer’s premises. 
In order to keep energy usage to a minimum, we recommend having new windows installed that are guaranteed to bring thermal efficiency. This will also keep your home office warmer in winter, allowing you to be more frugal with your boiler usage and save on gas. In the process, using less energy is great for the environment, helping you to run a greener and more sustainable home. 

Ask us about new windows 

If you work from home and would like to find out more about our double glazing service, get in touch today for a friendly chat and free advice. 
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