If the time has come for you to replace your external doors, we’ve put together a guide that explains why composite doors are such a wise choice. 

Composite doors look fantastic 

We supply and fit a huge range of composite doors that immediately breathe new life into the appearance of any property. Available in a huge range of styles, you can easily find one that either complements the existing aesthetic of your home or adds a fresh pop of colour to its exterior. 

Composite doors are highly secure 

Security should be a top priority for every homeowner and landlord, so you’ll be pleased to hear that composite doors are extremely strong and durable. As well as being weather-resistant, composite doors provide exceptional levels of home security thanks to their advanced locking systems being approved by the police and insurance companies across the UK. 

Composite doors are easy to clean 

If you currently have a door made from timber, you may find that it’s becoming very hard to clean. This is because traditional doors can warp, crack and fade due to changing weather, as well as soak up a lot of dust and dirt over the years. Composite doors are different, as all they need is a quick wipe down with a soapy cloth, which you can do yourself or simply ask your window cleaner to carry out each time they visit. 

Composite doors are energy efficient 

Energy efficiency has always been on the wish list of homeowners and it’s being given increasing focus due to recent rises in gas and electricity prices. Composite doors help to keep a property warm through thick insulation and durability, which as well as reducing your utility bills also contributes to a smaller carbon footprint. 

Composite doors block out noise 

If your neighbourhood is pretty hectic, whether that’s passing traffic, lots of lawnmowers or simply energetic kids in next door’s garden, a composite door will help to prevent this noise from filling your home. The results are greatly magnified when you combine composite doors with new double glazing, so make sure to get a tailored quote from us for both in one go. 

Composite doors are customisable 

As well as coming in a variety of styles and colours, composite doors offer unparalleled levels of customisation. Perhaps you’d like your letterbox in a specific position or don’t need one at all? Maybe you’d like a particular style of door handle and a door knocker, or window panels (if any) of a specific design and pattern? 
Whatever you have in mind, composite doors allow you to specify all of the minor details, resulting in an entrance to your home that does you proud every day and is sure to be the envy of your neighbours. 

Composite doors can be customised 

Would you prefer your letterbox in a specific position or would it be better if there wasn’t one at all? The same goes for the handle, door knocker and even the hinges, as composite doors from Solidor come with so many accessories to choose from. 
Perhaps you’d like a pewter peardrop door knocker for a classic look or a designer Italia handle that makes your property stand out from the rest? The ability to customise your composite door isn’t just practical, it’s also a creative process that we know you’ll enjoy from start to finish. 

Ask us about composite doors 

If you’d like to find out more about composite doors and how they’ll benefit your home, get in touch today for a friendly chat and free advice. 
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