The combination of cold weather, rising gas prices and a focus on sustainable living is inspiring many homeowners to live greener lifestyles. By reducing the amount of energy your home uses each day, you can lower your utility bills and do your bit to protect the planet in the process. 
Below are a few tips that are easy to apply to your home, which over the course of a year can make a significant difference to your carbon footprint and energy bills. 

Lower your thermostat 

Many homes are warmer than they need to be, which means that they’re using a lot more gas than required. It isn’t a case of having to turn your thermostat to a really low setting, as your home needs to remain warm in order to be comfortable and also prevent mildew from forming, so consider reducing the heat by just a degree or two. 
It’s also worth deciding whether some rooms can have their radiators turned down a little using their independent valves. For instance, if your living room is nice and cosy but upstairs gets too stuffy due to rising heat, you can turn down the bedroom radiators so that every room is the right temperature without having to open your windows. 

Use less water 

There are multiple ways to reduce your water usage. Taking a shower instead of a bath, only filling the kettle as much as required, turning off the tap whilst brushing your teeth, and switching your traditional showerhead for a water-saving variety will all make a difference. This could also result in your water bills being reduced, which is great for your bank balance too. 

Turn off idle chargers 

Phone, laptop and battery chargers still use electricity even when a device isn’t plugged into them. This is what’s known as an energy vampire, as the charger sucks up electricity without you even knowing. 
If possible, turn off your charger at the plug socket when not in use, as this will save a few pennies every day. 

Upgrade to thermal efficiency 

Having new doors and windows installed throughout your home is a major investment in sustainability, as they keep your living surroundings warm in winter and cool during the summer months. Our wide range of uPVC and composite doors offer excellent thermal efficiency and our high-quality double glazing transforms chilly rooms into warm and welcoming spaces for all the family to enjoy. 
As well as looking amazing, our new doors and windows play a core role in reducing energy usage, helping you to run a greener home and reduce those pesky energy bills on a monthly basis. 

Ask us about new doors and windows 

We visit homes across Hull, Beverley, East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire to install outstanding new doors and windows. For more info, get in touch through our contact form and a member of our friendly team will get back to you right away. 
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