Whether you call it mist, fog, cloudiness or anything else, misted windows can really spoil a view. Here’s why double glazing becomes misted up and how we can fix it. 

What are misted windows? 

Double glazing is composed of two panes of glass that are placed together, with a thermally efficient gap between them. These sheets of glass are then sealed together to create a single unit, with air trapped between them that keeps heat inside the home during the winter months. 
Over the years, the seal on double glazed windows can deteriorate and fail. Moisture creeps into the gap between the panes of glass, remaining there no matter what the weather conditions. This is referred to as a misted window, which can’t be fully fixed by the homeowner because the condensation (or mist) is stuck inside the double glazing unit. 

The problem with misted windows 

The most obvious issue with misted windows is that they look ugly. An otherwise beautiful home can have its internal and external appearance spoilt on a daily basis because of something as simple as condensation and this can even reduce the value of the property. The mist also spoils your view, as it obstructs or even entirely blocks what you can see when gazing out the window. 
Aside from its ugly appearance, a misted window also means that it’s no longer a sealed unit. It may not necessarily leak or let in obvious draughts, but it won’t be keeping the cold out as much as it should. As a result, the energy efficiency of the window will be significantly reduced, which means that the cold can get in without much of a struggle and the heat you’re paying for escapes more easily. 

Do I need to buy new windows? 

Whilst we keep our double glazing prices low, some homeowners or landlords may not want to have to pay out for new window frames, especially when the current cost of living is so high. We totally understand this, which is why we also offer a very popular glass replacement service. 
If the window frames are still of a high quality, we should be able to simply remove the existing glass and replace it with effective new double glazing. It may seem like double glazing technology has remained unchanged for decades, yet the industry is constantly developing more effective products and raising standards. As a result, your new glazing will be of the highest quality and do its job for many years to come. 

Glass replacement is very fast 

Replacing the glass of a window is much faster and easier than fitting new frames. We regularly deliver this speedy, affordable and stress-free service in Hull, Cottingham and Beverley, as well as across East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire. We’ll visit your home first to determine whether glass replacement is the best course of action, followed by providing a highly competitive quote. If you’d like to go ahead, we’ll book you in for glass replacement and get those windows looking their best in no time. 

Ask us about glass replacement 

Whether it’s a single window that needs replacing or you’d like new glazing for your entire home and conservatory, get in touch today for expert advice and a free quotation. 
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