We help homeowners and landlords across Hull and East Yorkshire to increase the comfort, appearance, energy efficiency and value of their properties through exceptional double glazing. Though we’re available throughout the year, we recommend having new windows and doors installed during the summer months, as there are multiple advantages to be enjoyed. 

No wind or rain 

Summertime is much less likely to be wet and windy when compared to autumn and especially the winter months. Replacing your doors and windows does of course mean removing the existing glass for a short period, which during cold weather can cause your home to become very chilly. 
Wind, rain and snow also slow down the process a little. Whilst we’ll do everything we can to minimise how much the elements affect the comfort of your living environments, having windows installed when it’s dry and warm is a much better option. 

Are you having a staycation? 

If you’re staying at home this summer, it’s a great opportunity to get new windows and doors installed. This will make it easier for you to fit our visit into your schedule and your home will be transformed much sooner. 

Have a cooler summer 

New double glazing is designed to keep properties cooler. If you book us to install new windows now, you’re all set to enjoy any mini heatwaves without your home becoming stiflingly hot. 
In addition, our double glazing blocks large volumes of UV rays, which is beneficial for people, pets and even your possessions. Ultraviolet causes carpets, walls and furniture to gradually fade, so modern double glazing keeps them looking better for longer. 

The kids can play outside 

We make the installing of new windows and doors a stress-free experience. However, you may find it goes even smoother if the kids have the option to play outside for a bit, which is much easier to do when it’s sunny and warm. As a result, they shouldn’t be too bothered if the room that contains their Xbox is out of bounds for an hour or two. 

Prepare for winter 

Thanks to Total Home Developments using the most reliable double glazing manufactured by Pilkington, you can rest assured that it delivers fantastic thermal efficiency. Whilst making your living environments cooler in summer, this premium yet affordable glass can significantly reduce the amount of energy required to keep your rooms warm during winter. 
Having new double glazing installed now is an excellent way to prepare for cold snaps, as you’ll know that there won’t be any draughts and your home will remain cosy no matter what Jack Frost throws at it. 

Less stress during December 

Christmas may seem a long way off when the sun is shining and the garden’s full of bees, but time can really fly by. If you have your windows replaced with new double glazing now, you’re all set to welcome family and friends over when the tree and decorations are up. 
Let’s face it, what we call “Christmas” often starts in November or even October when you take into account shopping and budgeting, so have your new windows installed now and you’ll thank yourself when the biscuits and baubles start filling the supermarket shelves. 

We’re here to help 

If you’d like to find out more about our double glazing service, get in touch today for a friendly chat and free advice. 
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