Having new doors and windows installed isn’t something that you do very often. In fact, many homes still have doors and windows that were installed decades ago, as their owners have prioritised other home improvement projects over their replacement. As a result, we often get asked why having new doors and windows fitted is important, so we’ve put together some of the key benefits you’ll enjoy from day one. 

Maximum energy efficiency 

Let’s start with a topic that’s been on everyone’s mind for the last year or two. With utility bills being so expensive right now, it’s crucial that we all find ways to use less energy and make it work harder within our homes. New doors and windows are an excellent investment in long-term energy efficiency, as they present high levels of thermal retention and keep your home warmer for longer during winter. 

A more comfortable home 

As well as keeping in heat, which results in living environments that are easier to keep at a comfortable temperature, our new doors and windows also prevent condensation. Condensation is the formation of water droplets on the inside of the glass when it gets cold outside, which can cause mould and mildew to grow on nearby surfaces. It also reduces the air quality in a home, which is bad for people in general and especially those with respiratory problems such as asthma. 
New doors and windows are designed to minimise the build-up of condensation, making it easier to keep your home healthy and happy for everyone. 

Increased home security 

Burglary, vandalism and opportunistic theft are prevalent but luckily there are a few ways to reduce the likelihood of them happening to you. One of the main ways to increase your home’s security is by having new doors and windows fitted, as these modern systems are built to be very secure. Composite doors are particularly robust, plus our window frames from Kömmerling are super strong. 
If your doors and window frames have seen better days, and especially if they’re made from wood, it’s time to get in touch with Total Home Developments. We also recommend asking us about modern locking systems, such as the 3 Star Plus Ultion Lock. This incredibly secure lock is the perfect way to significantly increase the security of your front and back doors. 

Quieter surroundings 

Another perk is that new doors and windows can help to reduce the noise that leaks into your home. Classic examples are passing traffic, lawnmowers, local schools, barking dogs and general street noise, all of which can be kept out of your home more effectively by strong double glazing with secure seals. 

Improved kerb appeal 

We have a huge range of doors and windows available, allowing you to either choose a style that will complement your current aesthetic or help your house to stand out from the crowd. As well as making your home the envy of your neighbours, the fitting of new doors and windows will also add extra kerb appeal and should help to increase the value of your property. 

Upgrade your home today 

Interested in making your home more secure whilst improving its appearance? Get in touch through our contact form for free advice and top recommendations. 
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