Autumn is well and truly here and that only means one thing: winter is just around the corner. Whilst October and November are pretty chilly themselves, the months of December, January and February can get extremely cold indoors as well as outside. 
That’s why we’re here to upgrade your home with high-quality glazing for a very affordable price. 

Stay toasty when the frost forms 

As soon as the temperature drops, it can be difficult to keep a home warm and snug. This doesn’t have to be the case, as our glazing is of the highest quality and helps living environments to stay toasty even when there’s two feet of snow outside. 
If your current windows simply aren’t doing the trick, get in touch with Total Home Developments today to find out how new glazing will help you to maintain a comfortable and consistent temperature throughout your property. 

Enjoy cleaner air at home 

Did you know that when old window seals develop gaps, it can result in moisture accumulating on the internal surface? This quickly leads to heavy condensation, which is bad for both your home and the people living in it. 
Aside from looking ugly, condensation can lead to mould and mildew that cause damage to the surrounding area. It can also result in nearby objects becoming damp, especially things like curtains, books and anything else that soaks up moisture. The formation of mould is bad for people too, especially those with respiratory problem such as asthma. 
By having new windows fitted, you can rest assured that their seals are also brand new and totally effective at preventing moisture from creeping into your home. The result is better air quality and greater wellbeing for you and your family. 

A more peaceful home 

Wet and windy days are the perfect opportunity to get cosy indoors and enjoy what you love most, whether that’s reading a good book, playing board games or watching telly with your loved ones. It’s just such a shame about the racket that makes its way through those old windows and disturbs your peace and quiet. 
Modern windows are much more effective at keeping out noise. Whether it’s passing traffic, barking dogs, loud voices, heavy rain, roadworks, a nearby school playground or a neighbour giving their lawn one last mow for the year, new windows will keep the din outside where it belongs. 

Keep your energy bills down 

You’ve surely noticed that energy prices are continuing to increase due to an ongoing gas shortage. According to the BBC, households on a standard tariff and with typical levels of energy usage will see their annual bills go up a further £139 on average. 
Whilst this can’t be helped, having new windows installed sooner rather than later will help you to keep your utility bills as low as possible thanks to exceptional levels of thermal efficiency. 

Ask us about new windows 

If you’re interested in getting new windows for your home, get in touch today for expert recommendations and a free quotation. 
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